When the summertime is around the corner everybody would like to get in shape. But of course shaping up your body means different things to different people. A huge majority of girls and a good number of guys would like to have an attractive butt, thus they can finally wear the tight skinny jeans that they have at home. If you are in these group of people that looking for a way how to improve the shape of your butt, then you will discover this butt exercises as helpful. Just you need to practise at least two of these 12 “shape your booty” exercises every week.

12 Top Exercises To Effectively Shape Your Booty

01. Step-Ups. This first exercise is excellent and energetic exercise despite that serves as a good cardio workout it truly activates glutes. All you need In order to do this exercise is a platform that is a little bit higher than your knees, but beginners may practise this exercise with a lower platform and over some period of time feel free to modify the height of a platform. For begin of this exercise, you need to step on the platform with you foot no matter left or right and keep your body upright, later on, bring the knee of the opposite leg higher as far as possible, before getting back to the initial position.

02. Rear Leg Lifts. In order to perform this exercise, you just have to kneel on your forearms and knees after you do this, lift one of your legs off the floor and push the foot of that leg towards the roof. Slowly return the leg to its first position and begin the same routine with the other leg. If you are ready for the next level of this exercise add angle weights.

03. Bridges. This is an exercise which can provide an intense workout for the glutes. To start, first, you need to lie on the ground and keep your feet on the floor and point your knees upwards. And so, slowly lift your butt until you notice that you are holding your body alone with your head, shoulders, and also your feet. Push your hips higher as possible and squeeze the butt when you achieve the upper limit. This exercise will become too easy after a short period of time and that is a signal when you need to straighten one of the legs during the exercise. If you want to make this exercise even harder you can use weight directly on the abs.

04. Deep Squats. Keep the back straight all the time during performing squats and using bodyweight and is recommended to go as low as possible. This exercise can maximize activation of the glutes. And don’t forget that the stance needs to be wider than the width of your shoulders and when you are going lower, be sure that your spine is straight. Also, you can increase the intensity of the workout through adding weight in front of the chest or simply perform this exercise with one leg, if you feel that you can do that. You will get fast results and not just that, also you will step-up mobility and flexibility and improve your core strength generally.

05. Cossack Lunges. This is a good way to shape your butt and legs while you work on your balance and flexibility. The starting position is with your legs 1-2 feet wider than the width of your shoulders. When you are ready, start to shift your body weight left or right and at the same time squat down on the same leg and don’t forget to hold straight the other leg. Your arms need to be held in front of you just for counterbalance.

06. Fire Hydrants. A good exercise which increases flexibility and mobility and also strengthening your glutes and other muscles that are difficult to activate in the legs. No need for equipment to perform this exercise so you just need to kneel on your knees like for the position of rear leg lifts and after that, lift up one of your legs to the side and keep your back straight. If you want to intensify this exercise when you raise one of your legs start rotating from the hip and create small circles for the beginning and after some time you can continue with wide circles.

07. Hip Thrusters. This exercise continuously gains popularity in gyms around the world. Start in a sitting position in front of the bench after that simply start this movement by expanding your hips in an upright position. Your shoulder blades and feet are needed for support your body weight. Try to extend as far as possible and after that, backward the same motion to get back in the first position.

08. Horse Stance. This is an exercise that is a basis of various martial arts and also it is a good method to work on your strength and size of the glutes and thighs. The starting position is standing position with your regular stance nearly two feet beyond the width of your shoulders on both sides. After that, squat down as if you are sitting in a chair. Your thighs need to be parallel to the floor. You can try to keep that position as much as you are able to keep. For beginners 15 – 30 seconds are enough. After some period of time, you need to increase the amount of time for this exercise.

09. Plié Squats. You need to take a wide stance with your toes pointing outwards. Slowly bend your knees in a similar direction as the direction of your toes. When you lose the sight on your toes, that is the sign to slowly stand up.

10. Side Leg Lifts. Lie on side, no matter which side and raise one leg. After that, start to move your leg back very slowly to the initial position. Perform the same routine on the opposite side. Side Leg Lifts are a useful exercise, especially for the small muscles in the legs and the glutes.

11. Gluteal Squeezes. Lie on your back on the flat surface if you want to perform this exercise. After you do that lift your hips towards the roof, while tensing up the glutes and try to hold that position for a couple of seconds. Repeat this exercise a few times.

12. Flutter Kicks. Flutter Kicks is an excellent exercise for your glute muscles but also is great for abs. Both glute muscles and abs are the parts that every girl want to keep in perfect shape. First, lie on back on the flat surface and slowly lift your legs. After that, start to push one leg up while lowering the other leg down. Perform this exercise as much as you are able to do.

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When the summertime is around the corner everybody would like to get in shape. But of course shaping up your body means different things to different people. A huge majority of girls and a good number of guys would like to have an attractive butt, thus they can finally...
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