Papaya is a tree like tropical plant with significant sources of Vitamin C. Its unique feature is that it is available all over the world. Its fruit, seeds, peel, latex and even leaves have amazing uses. It can help in digestion and can also be used as a meat tenderizer. Papayas offer numerous benefits covering health as well as beauty.

Here are the Top 8 Health Benefits you can Derive by Eating Papayas

1. Papaya is Good for Digestion

Papaya contains papain and chymopapain which helps to aid in natural digestion. These proteolytic enzymes break the protein into simpler forms i.e. amino acid thus allow better digestion. Papaya is also effective in case of a person suffering from constipation and indigestion due to high dietary fiber content. In the advanced stage, the digestive enzyme secretion is get reduced, therefore eating of papaya stimulate the secretion of these enzymes.

2. Healthy Heart

The regular intake of papaya by heart patients will ease the flow of blood to the heart and it reduces our heart from various chronic diseases. So heart patients should eat papaya at least once in a week. Also, it contains high amounts of fibers which will block the absorption of cholesterol during digestion.

3. Lowers the Risk of Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the most common neurodegenerative disease as well as the primary cause of dementia in the elderly. It has been determined that there is no single cause of Alzheimer’s, but instead, the disease is initiated by a complicated array of factors. One of these is oxidative stress, which, along with its many other effects, has been thought to cause amyloid-beta and tau-induced neurotoxicity, both of which are primary hallmarks of Alzheimer’s disease.

Unfortunately, brain tissue is especially susceptible to oxidative stress, which highly validates the importance of keeping your brain health to reduce the risk for such neurodegenerative disease as Alzheimer’s. In this particular disease, one of the many biomarkers that scientists use for diagnostics is called 8-OHdG. In one study, researchers measured this biomarker to be much higher in Alzheimer’s patients compared with controls.

What is interesting, however, is that when these same AD patients were supplemented with fermented papaya, the papaya extracts significantly decreased the amount of 8-OHdG over a 6-month period. The reasoning behind this treatment is that compounds in papaya can counteract the effects that free radicals and oxidative stress have on the body and, more importantly, the brain.

4. Immunity

Papaya is a great source of vitamin A, B, C, and K and is known as an excellent immunity booster. It is great for the growth of body tissues, including hair and skin. It helps in maintaining collagen, the structural protein of connective tissues. It is said that a medium-sized papaya could provide you double your daily requirement of vitamins.

5. Great For Your Eyes

Papaya is rich in Vitamin A which helps protect your vision from degenerating. Nobody wants to lose their ability to see due to diseases like age-related macular degeneration, and eating papayas will ensure that you do not see a day where you cannot see.

6. Prevents Signs of Ageing

All of us would love to stay young forever, but no one in this world has managed to do it. Still, healthy habits like eating a papaya daily will prolong the process and may make you look 5 years younger than you are. Papaya is rich in vitamin C, vitamin E and antioxidants like beta-carotene which helps prevent your skin from free radical damage keeping wrinkles and other signs of aging at bay

7. Promotes Weight Loss

Papayas are also good for people who are trying to lose weight naturally. Having a bowl full of papaya as a mid-evening or mid-morning snack is good for health.

8. Anti-Cancer Properties

Research suggests that the lycopene in papaya can reduce cancer risk. It may also be beneficial for people who are being treated for cancer. Papaya’s cancer-fighting ability appears to be due to its ability to reduce free radicals that contribute to cancer development and progression. Additionally, papaya may have some unique effects that aren’t shared by other fruits.

Among 14 fruits and vegetables with known antioxidant properties, only papaya demonstrated anti-cancer activity in breast cancer cells. In a small study of older people with inflammation and precancerous changes of the stomach, a fermented papaya preparation reduced oxidative damage. However, a lot more research is needed before any recommendations can be made.

Nutritional Facts of Papaya (1)

Papaya nutritional value

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Papaya is a tree like tropical plant with significant sources of Vitamin C. Its unique feature is that it is available all over the world. Its fruit, seeds, peel, latex and even leaves have amazing uses. It can help in digestion and can also be used as a meat...
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