Top 7 Health Benefits Of Eggs

One of the best ways to start the day is with eggs for breakfast, whether boiled, poached or scrambled. They are loaded with nutrients, some of which are rare in the modern diet. Believe it or not, but they are among the few foods with complete proteins, they possess proper proportions of all 9 essential amino acids required by the body. Eggs are also loaded with many vitamins and minerals including vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, and Vitamin E, and folate, selenium, choline, and others.

Health Benefits of Eggs

1. Boosts Brain Power. Eggs are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins B12, and D, and choline which means they are excellent for brain health. Choline is an important nutrient that has a vital role in a few metabolic pathways and acts as a neurotransmitter. It enhances your memory and cognitive power.

Vitamin B12 is important for the appropriate functioning of the brain. Researchers have found that deficiencies in this nutrient can result in brain shrinkage, which is a predecessor to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Based on the National Nutrient Database (USDA), one whole egg (hard-boiled) has about 1.11 mcg of vitamin B12 or 18.5% of the total daily requirement of this vitamin.

Omega-3 fatty acids are also helpful for increase brain volume. Vitamin D, which is basically present in not many foods, also improves brain function because it works as a modulator in brain development.

2. Aids in Maintaining Healthy Weight. Eating eggs can help you lose weight? This might come as a pleasant surprise to people who think of eggs as ‘fattening’ or ‘unhealthy” however a study performed by the Rochester Center for Obesity Research discovered that eating eggs for breakfast can help limit your calorie intake throughout the day. This can lead to losing weight, mainly because eggs keep you full for longer’meaning you’re less likely to succumb to a mid-morning snack or eat too much at lunchtime.

3. Protects Eye Health. Eggs are loaded with lutein and zeaxanthin. Research has found that these carotenoids are really helpful in preventing macular degeneration and lowering the risk of developing cataracts. The antioxidant outcomes of these compounds help improve your retinas and protect your eyes from free radical damage as well as from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. Lutein is furthermore present in green leafy vegetables, but scientists believe that the body absorbs it better from eggs.

4. Facilitates Muscle Building. Eggs are thought to be an excellent food for muscle building since they are high in protein, which is regarded as the main component of muscles. Egg whites possess a protein known as albumin that encourages more protein absorption in your body and supports muscle growth. The practice of eating raw or lightly cooked eggs to build ideal muscles is usually not recommended because it can trigger food poisoning due to salmonella bacteria. To lessen this risk, go for pasteurized and cooked eggs. Eating hard-boiled eggs is furthermore useful in this regard. Additionally, it can help you get all the nutritional benefits of this exceptional superfood.

5. Improves Your Mood. It is mentioned at the beginning that Eggs contain Vitamin B12, this vitamin can help improve your mood and keep stress at bay. Additionally, they contain other B vitamins like for example vitamin B6 and folate that provide mental and emotional well-being. Moreover, egg yolks are loaded with lecithin, which works as a mood stabilizer. Eggs are likewise considered to help treat depression as a result of their high levels of the amino acids methionine and cysteine. Surprisingly, scrambled eggs are considered among the best comfort foods.

6. Eggs Can Help to Protect Our Bones. Eggs are among the several natural food sources of vitamin D, our sunshine vitamin. Vitamin D is important for calcium absorption as well as for maintaining optimum bone health. Therefore eggs play a supporting role in the prevention of osteoporosis together with dairy products, our main source of calcium.

7. Promote Healthy Hair and Nails. The hair and nails reflect numerous biochemical imbalances and shortages within your body. Eggs may help promote healthy hair and nails on account of their high content of sulphur-containing amino acids and the vast array of minerals and vitamins.Lots of people report faster-growing hair after including eggs to their diet, particularly when they were previously deficient in foods containing zinc, sulfur, vitamin B12 and vitamin A.

Nutritional Value of hard-boiled Chicken egg (1)

Nutritional value Chicken egg

A Few Words of Warning: While eggs are undoubtedly major sources of nutrients for the human population, there is a high level of cholesterol in them, which may be dangerous for individuals suffering from hypercholesterolemia and certain gene disorders should be cautious. Moreover, some studies have shown a rise in negative effects between Type II diabetes patients and too much egg consumption, but a further study on that point yet needs to be conducted.
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One of the best ways to start the day is with eggs for breakfast, whether boiled, poached or scrambled. They are loaded with nutrients, some of which are rare in the modern diet. Believe it or not, but they are among the few foods with complete proteins, they possess...
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